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Collect and manage cancellation reasons

Understand why customers cancel and provide customized offers.
Receive AI-driven suggestions to prevent churn.

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Lower Churn


Average ROI

10 min.

Time to integrate

3 easy steps

How it works

The setup requires under 10 minutes.


Sign up

Create a free account and connect your stripe account or use webhook.


Create cancellation flow

Build, preview and share cancellation flow using a nocode tool.


Integrate it in your product

Embed the code in your SAAS compatible with any web frameworks.

how echurn works

Increase your SAAS MRR and CLV
by reducing churn

cancellation flow

Easy CancellationFlow

Set up your cancellation process easily without coding. Make it simple to reduce your SaaS churn.

Flexible Offers

Show customers different attractive deals, like pausing their subscription, discounts, and custom links. Adjust your offers and retain more customers.

Optionnal cancellation offers
Cancellation feedback

Insightful Feedback

Learn important things by collecting and analyzing what customers say. Use detailed reports to know how customers feel and make data-driven decisions to enhance your SAAS.


Get smart suggestions from AI to make your SaaS better. Use advanced technology to find where you can improve and implement effortlessly.

Cancellation Ai suggestions
cancellation flow integration

Effortless Integration

Connect smoothly with popular services like Stripe and Webhook for easy operation. Make it simple to integrate and ensure it works well with your current systems.

Affordable Pricing

Accessible to everyone

Monthly bill Yearly bill (SAVE 40%)


Ideal for one-project owner and to explore Echurn

$0 /month

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1 Project

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Up to 2 offers

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Up to 10 sessions

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Basic support


Ideal for solo-founder or small businesses with a single project

$19 /month

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1 Project

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Unlimited offers

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Unlimited sessions

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Basic support


Ideal for growing businesses or indie hackers with several needs

$99 /month

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5 Projects

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Unlimited offers

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Unlimited sessions

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AI-driven suggestions

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Churn reporting

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Advanced support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive Echurn FAQ dives deep into everything you need to know.

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What is a Cancellation Flow?
How does Echurn reduce churn?
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Can I get help setting up Echurn?
We can build this ourselves, why would we use an external tool like Echurn?

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